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“Vow to be valiant”

– William Arthur Ward

Means to solemnly promise to possess and showcase courage and determination

DITYAS SERVICES is involved in providing varied expertise in the service sector for a range of industries & institutions, DITYAS SERVICES is able to offer your organization a range of Facilities Management Services to help you manage your non-core activities, efficiently and effectively. With dedicated and well-trained people, strong knowledge base and documented systems and processes, Dityas is committed to adhering to a policy of quality, safety and continuous improvement, offering you a flexible range of services as an integral part of your business, so you are free to concentrate on your core business.


There are multiple advantages for your organization in availing all Property related services from a ‘one stop shop’ facility management like Dityas, ranging from more cost effective package offer to marginal interaction with the work force.

The primary benefits are:

i) Low head count in the Property Division

ii) Saving precious management time for your core business.

iii) Availing of the expertise and skill in all areas of Property Management through one- point co-ordination.

Absolved of mundane day-to-day labour management related chores resulting in saving of quality time of managers in areas of administration. Zero responsibility in regulating the fulfillment of statutory requirements by the property management agencies. (Dityas regulates the payment of salary, provident fund and ESIC dues of every worker every month.)

Continuous training of the existing workers / operators / supervisors on improved methods and upgraded technology.

Preventive Maintenance versus Need Based Maintenance resulting in:

i) Reduction in expenses by eliminating major repair cost or cost of replacement of equipment / facilities rendered irreparable from continuous neglect.

ii) Maintain the resale value of the property at the upper end of the scale.

iii) Better work environment in keeping with International standards.

iv) Higher efficiency generated by smooth running of all support services.

v) Cost – effective service with better integration of all facilities.

vi) Proactive professional approach versus conventional Need Based Activities resulting in cost saving.

vii) Additional cost benefit in purchases of bulk goods and services.


We offer the widest range of services to our clients under a single umbrella and each of our products is designed to provide wing-to-wing, totally customized to our clients’ requirement. Our manpower rotation plan protects the interest of the client against all imminent risks.

Value Add On:

Dityas believes in ‘Client-Centric’ solutions and offe rs certain value add’s beyond the scope of agreed services without any additional cost implication. Some of the value adds like conducting Safety & Security Audit, Environmental Audit, Structural Audit etc are designed keeping the wellbeing of the client in mind.

We have a team of well-trained professionals in our rolls in the field of Housekeeping / Security / Electromechanical Services (Preventive Maintenance Services)/ Office support services, who would look after and maintain your property with trained workforce. The work shall be carried out with proper schedules. This would enhance and add value to your property.